Werewolves Merch

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So I’m sitting here in my musician pants and decided to get changed into my business skirt. Why you may ask? Because we got some sweet merch for you! We are in the process of getting our online store up and running and until then I am going to go door to door like a traveling vacuum salesman. Anywho…here’s what we have and if anything tickles your fancy, don’t hesitate to contact us on Facebook or at info@wah30.com.

Shirts – 10$

EP – 5$

Stickers – 1$

Cool little perk for buying the EP is that it comes on a 1 gig USB. So if you listen to it and you’re all like “dude this is the worst thing ever and I hate Tight Squeeze’s guitar playing more than I hate getting cat pee on my shoes” no harm no foul because you still get a USB!

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